JAN FAULKNER is an artist who has been creating high fashion one of a kind and limited production pieces for more than a quarter of a century.  JAN FAULKNER designs are pure artistry! Attention to details such as hand beading, hand punched lace effects, and studded designs are just a few of the tradmarks represented in the artistic work of Jan Faulkner.

JAN FAULKNER takes a classic and romantic approach towards design helping to produce classic pieces that are highly original and timeless in nature.

Women who wear JAN FAULKNER LEATHER ARTIST Designs are young in spirt, which has little to do with age, feminine without being frilly, and maintain their own ideals and usually do not follow fashion dictates. Quite simply, they are women who feel comfortable with the unique and who are Romantic at heart and let the designs of JAN FAULKNER speak for themselves.